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Poetry Ireland Éigse Éireann and Schools Across Borders
Creative Writing Project 2011




War by Cristina Sanchez

Children born without any choice
Even if they try, we can not hear their voice
Born in the middle of a war without solution
Waiting to follow any instruction
Everyone with his own religion
Everyone praying, no matter their condition
Fight for their country: an obligation
They must defend together their nation
A football match: that is their dream
Maybe, because they can choose their team
What do they think about our lives
If their only possession is a knife
The most cruel thing is that they haven’t known anything else
Because they are too worried about protecting themselves
Maybe they don’t know what this writing is
But it isn’t their fault, is authority’s
Anyone thinking about the future of society
Which is more important than the law of the gravity
Everyone just fighting for a flag
Killing each other, becoming mad


When a child smiles by Emile Printemp

Like a flower in a meadow
Like a droplet falling in a lake
The smile of the child is subtle

Like a sunbeam in winter
Like a flame of fire
The smile of a child can warm up the coldest of nights

Like a dove under gunfire
Like the beating wings of butterfly
The smile of a child is innocent

Like around around the world
Like a song of hope
The smile of child brings nations together


Spectrum by Jenny Baron

Colours of the rainbow
Mean a lot, other than to see
Each colour represents something
Between you and me
Red was the fury, the anger, the pain
Orange sat in warmth, comfort proud and vain
Yellow was wild, and jolly in madness it dwelled
Green was of the earth, but its jealousy repelled

Blue was of the stillness, peaceful calm but lonely
Indigo had the darkness, the twilight; below me
Lay Violet, the kind beautiful and just
Of all the colours it is Violet I trust
But the others have passion which I really love
When they come together in a spectrum above


If you were here by Stephanie Ntonye

They say as you grow you don’t need much, but who are they to know.
There were times when I wish I could talk to you, but I know it’s not possible.

When I cry at night I wish you would hold me and tell me it’s ok, but I know it’s not possible as you are not here.

On the day of my school plays, I would love if you were there in the front row cheering me on, but I know it’s not possible as you are not here.

I would love for you to tell me the stories of your teenage years, as now I too am a teenager.  But I know you are not here for the moment.

I hope one day to see you again and you could hold me tight in your arms, just like the first time you set your eyes on me.


The things I miss by Stephanie Ntonye

The first time we met you were shy, you were nice, and you were quiet.
The second time we met you were honest you were open.
You were also mine to keep.
The third time we met, we argued and I cried and we shouted.
I walked out and you did not come after me.
The fourth time we met, you apologised, I cried, we made up.
The fifth time we met, I told you I loved you; you said “Don’t say things you don’t mean.”
The sixth time we met, you said you loved me and I returned the favour by saying “Don’t say things you don’t mean.”
 You replied, “You are the one.”
The seventh time we met you were not sure what to say and neither was I.
But the fact that we stayed quiet said it all.
The eighth time we met; you were getting on a plane and kissing me goodbye.  For you whispered in my ears “Keep dreaming for school.”
The ninth time, I am still waiting to see those evergreen eyes gazing back into my own, just to sort of whisper, “I am back for you.”


The world of fantasy by Yemi Adeola

I close my eyes and imagine,
What the world will look like
When dreams come true like never before,
The world full of people, fantasy and dreams
Everyone around me feeling free and equal.

No sorrows, no pain
Life but no death
The world ain’t bitter but sweet
Joy and happiness around the world

The world blossom like a beauty flower;
I open my eyes again: is it just a dream, not reality.
The world is full of so many expectations

We get – we lose
We smile – we frown
We cry – we laugh

When you’re sad, close your eyes
And think of a happy place
Where people’s dreams come true.
Don’t miss the opportunity for it comes once in a life time.

Smile when your heart is hacking.
Know there is someone out there who loves you.
Did you ever feel this way?
I love you more than life itself.
Your love 's the kind that makes me melt;
Although I'm human, I feel like ice;
your love 's the warmth that brings new life.
I know our time so far has been short,
but still you've shown me love, and more.
There's still a lot I have to do
to show my love is kind and true.
I love it when we sit and talk,
I even like to watch you walk.
I love to stare into your eyes
and know that all I see is mine.
I like to watch you brush your hair,
I love to know you'll always be there.
I see you when I close my eyes,
I see you in my dreams at night.
You're all that's ever on my mind,
I think of you when I need to unwind.
Even though we fuss and fight,
it all just strengthens our love, our bind.
This bind is what makes our love so strong
and how I know it will last so long.

Short Story

A Need For Justice by TJ Olatadu Idowu

He was the ninth man I had killed this year. He was no ordinary man; he was like me only he killed for the thrill and I for the safety of others. He would brutally stab his victims from life long after they were dead, so I did the same to him. He had stabbed his last victim thirty four times and now he had thirty four stab wounds all over his body.

This wasn’t my original career choice, I always wanted to be a writer, but that changed one long summer’s day.

I was at a fair with my dad, mom, step-dad, half-sister and my best friend. We had had a long exciting day, went out for some pizza and were now home talking and having a really good time. There was a knock on the door and mom went to get it. When she came into the room she was as pale as a ghost. Her walk was stiff and hasty. Behind her was a tall heavily built man in an all- black outfit with a mask on his face. He was holding a gun to the back of her head. Everyone went still after seeing him. The first thing he did was kill my dad and step-dad. Then he took the rest of us and tied us to chairs facing him. Whenever we tried to escape he would drag us back and hit us hard on the face.

He took my mom next. He tortured her for a good twenty minutes before ending her life, then my sister and finally my best friend. I had to watch them all die. For some reason he left me there tied to a chair and just walked out of the room. I don’t know how long I stayed that way but someone found me. It took me six months to come to terms with my situation and another three to get used to it. When I was stable enough to go to school, things didn’t get any better. I was constantly bullied, kicked, pinched and called names. One day I had stayed over after classes to help the librarian. After I had finished, I went to my car to drive home when I saw five students standing around it. They were my least favourite people in the world. They all walked up to me and without warning started to hit me really hard. I fell to the ground and curled into a ball. I stayed there for a very long time. All I could feel was pain. I felt some bone breaking in my chest and I tried to screamed but the sound got stuck in my throat. My vision started to fail and I finally passed out. I woke up in a hospital some days later. I recovered but the doctor said I was very close to death.

Now we find ourselves here. Me standing over a former serial killer’s dead body. Call me a murderer if you want but I’m doing this for the right reasons. No one else is going to get rid of all the monsters that live amongst us, not even the police. Putting someone in jail isn’t going to stop their urge to kill. So it’s up to me to make this country safe.


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