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June Considine
Novelist, Children's writer
Reading and Q&A, Creative Writing Workshop
Age Group
4 - 18
Primary, Post Primary
Works in English ONLY
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Mornings, Afternoons

Publications/ repertoire/
productions & background experience

My twelve books for children and young adult novels: When the Luvenders Came to Merrick Town, Luvenders at the Old Mill, Island of Luvenders, View from a Blind Bridge, The Glass Triangle. The Beachwood series include: The Slumber Party, The Debs Ball, School Bully, Summer in Fountain Square, Twelve Days of Christmas & more…. Puppet Strings, & Algarve Blues all above books published by Poolbeg 1989/1996.

Short stories published nationally and internationally in a number of anthologies for adults and teenagers.

Adult Novels include: When the Bough Breaks
(2002, New Island), Deceptions (2004, New Island), In Search of John: The Abbeylara Story of Depression, Loss and a Sister’s Quest for Justice (written in collaboration with Marie Carthy, 2007, Hodder Headline Ireland).

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Session Details

A session with a large group of pupils usually runs from forty to fifty minutes and deals with the transformation of an initial idea into a story. The session includes readings from my own work to demonstrate how this can be achieved and ends with Questions and Answers. Iím also interested in conducting creative writing workshops with smaller groups of older students which will concentrate on structuring a novel, focusing on plot development, dialogue, narrative, time span and location.

Age Group Details

The Luvender trilogy slots into the fantasy genre and is aimed at the 8 to 12 age group. The Beachwood books were written for pre-teens and deal with popular issues. View from a Blind Bridge and The Glass Triangle are set in a modern urban environment and aimed at pre and early teens. My teenage short stories are suitable for teenagers Ėand my adult novels can be read to young adults aged sixteen upwards.

Availability Details

I'm available during weekdays & have my own transport.

9 Chalfont Park, Malahide, Co. Dublin
(01) 845 1747
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