Further Reading

Anthologies of Irish Poetry

Thomas Kinsella New Oxford Book of Irish Verse (Oxford)
Keith Tuma Anthology of Twentieth-Century British and Irish Poetry (Oxford)
John Montague Faber Book of Irish Verse (Faber)
Paul Muldoon Faber Book of Contemporary Irish Poetry (Faber)
Micheal Longley 20th Century Irish Poems (Faber)
Peter Fallon & Derek Mahon Penguin Book of Irish Contemporary Poetry (Penguin)
Brendan Kennelly The Penguin Book of Irish Verse (Penguin)
S. Armitage & R. Crawford The Penguin Book of Poetry from Britain and Ireland since 1945 (Penguin)
Andrew Motion & T. Morrisson Penguin Book of Contemporary British Poetry (Penguin)
Selina Guinness The New Irish Poets, (Bloodaxe)
Sean O'Brien The Firebox: Poetry in Britain and Ireland after 1945 (Picador)
Gerald Dawe The Younger Irish Poets (Blackstaff)
Gerald Dawe The New Younger Irish Poets (Blackstaff)
Patrick Crotty Modern Irish Poetry: An Anthology (Blackstaff)
John F Deane Dedalus Irish Poets (Dedalus)
Frank Ormsby Poets from the North Of Ireland (Blackstaff)
Frank Ormsby The Hip Flask: Short Poems from Ireland (Blackstaff)
Kathleen Hoagland 1000 Years of Irish Poetry (Welcome Rain)
Anthony Bradley Contemporary Irish Poetry (California Press)
WJ McCormack Ferocious Humanism Anthology of Irish Poetry from before Swift to Yeats and After (Dent)
Niall MacMonagle Slow Time:100 Poems to Take you There (Marino)
Niall MacMonagle Real Cool: Poems to Grow Up With (Marino)
Niall MacMonagle Off the Wall (Marino)
Sebastion Barry The Inherited Boundaries, Younger Poets of the Republic of Ireland (Dolmen)
John Montague Bitter Harvest, an anthology of Irish Poetry (Scribners)
John Macnamee Out to Lunch (BOI Arts Centre)
Colm Toibin Irish Times Book of favourite Irish Poems (Irish Times Books)
Wesley College Lifelines (Penguin)
Niall MacMonagle Lifelines 2: Letters from Famous People (Town House)
N. McLoughlin & M. Fluharty Breaking the Skin: 21st Century Irish Writing (Volume 2) (Black Mountain)
Neil Astley Poetry with an Edge (Bloodaxe)
Edna Longley The Bloodaxe Book of 20th Century Poetry (Bloodaxe)
Neil Astley Staying Alive: Real poems for Unreal Times (Bloodaxe)
Peggy O'Brien Wake Forest Book of Irish Women Poetry 1967-2000 (Wake Forest)
Joan McBreen The White Page / An Bhileog Bhan: Twentieth-Century Irish Women Poets (Salmon)
T. Dorgan and N. Duffy Watching the River Flow (Poetry Ireland)
Maurice Harmon Irish Poetry after Yeats (Wolfhound)
Gabriel Fitzmaurice Irish Poetry Now: Other Voices (Wolfhound)
A.A. Kelly Pillars of the House: An Anthology of Verse by Irish Women From 1690 to the Present (Wolfhound)
John F.Deane Irish Poetry of Faith and Doubt, The Cold Heaven (Wolfhound)
Peter Fallon and Sean Golden Soft Day: A Miscellany of Contemporary Irish Writing (Wolfhound)
R. Wilson and F. Somerville-Arjat Sleeping with Monsters, Conversations with Scottish and Irish Women Poets (Wolfhound)
S. Cashman and B. Quinn The Wolfhound Book of Irish Poems for Young People (Wolfhound)
Sean Dunne Poets of Munster: An Anthology (Midpoint)
Dermot Bolger An Tonn Gheal: The Bright Wave (Raven Arts)
Seamus Deane The Field Day Anthology (W.W. Norton)
T. Swift and M. Mooney Map Makers' Colours: New Poets of Northern Ireland (Nu-Age)
Frank Ormsby A Rage for Order: Poetry of the Northern Ireland Troubles (Blackstaff)
D. Kiberd and G. Fitzmaurice An Crann Faoi Bhláth: The Flowering Tree (Wolfhound)
Greagoir O Duill Fearann Pinn: Filiocht 1900 -1999 (Coisceim)
Louis Bell Remembered Kisses: An Illustrated Anthology of Irish Love Poetry (Gill & Macmillan)
Peter Davidson Poetry and Revolution: An Anthology of British and Irish Verse (Oxford)
K. Donovan, A.N. Jeffares and B Kennelly Ireland's Women, Writings Past and Present (Gill & Macmillan)
Sean Dunne The Cork Anthology (Cork University)
Sean Dunne The Ireland Anthology (Gill & Macmillan)
Davin Garrity The New Mentor Book of Irish Poetry Ireland (Mentor)
Jim Kemmy The Limerick Anthology (Gill & Macmillan)
Brendan Kennelly Between Innocence and Peace; Favourite poems of Ireland (Mercier)
Sean McMahon 1000 Years of Poetry: A Millenial Anthology (Marino)
Sean Mc Mahon The Derry Anthology (Blackstaff)
I. MacDonald M. Collins Sruth na Maoile: Modern Gaelic poetry from Scotland and Ireland (Coisceim)
Eilis Ní Dhuibhne Voices on the Wind: Women Poets of the Celtic Twilight (New Island)
T. Kinsella and S. Ó Tuama An Duanaire 1600-1900: Poems of the Dispossessed (Irish Books)
Adrian Rice Signals: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose (Abbey Press)
Adrian Rice and Angela Reid A Conversation Piece (Abbey Press)
James Simmons Soundings (Blackstaff)
Ailbhe Smyth Wildish Things: Anthology of Women's Poems (Attic)
Mark Storey Poetry and Ireland Since 1800: A Source Book (Routledge)
Shaun Traynor The Poolbeg Book of Irish Poetry for Children (Poolbeg)
W.B. Yeats A book of Irish Verse from Modern Writers (Methuen)
W.B. Yeats The Oxford of Modern Verse (Claredon)
John Brown Magnetic North: The Emerging Poets (Lagan Press)

Prose on Irish Poetry

Elmer Andrews (editor) CONTEMPORARY IRISH POETRY: A Collection of Critical Essays (Macmillan, 1992)
Eavan Boland OBJECT LESSONS: The Life of the Woman and the Poet in Our Time (Carcanet, 1995)
Terence Brown IRELAND'S LITERATURE: Selected Essays (Lilliput Press, 1988)
Terence Brown and Nicholas Grene (editors) TRADITION AND INFLUENCE IN ANGLO-IRISH POETRY (Macmillan, 1989)
Neil Corcoran THE CHOSEN GROUND: Essays on the Contemporary Poetry of Northern Ireland (Seren Books, 1992)
POETS OF MODERN IRELAND (University of Wales Press, 1999)
Patricia Coughlan and Alex Davis (editors) MODERNISM AND IRELAND: The Poetry of the 1930s (Cork University Press, 1995)
Gerald Dawe STRAY DOGS AND DARK HORSES: Selected Essays on Irish Writing and Criticism (Abbey Press, 2000)
Seamus Deane CELTIC REVIVALS: Essays in Modern Irish Literature (Faber, 1985)
Theo Dorgan (editor) IRISH POETRY SINCE KAVANAGH (Four Courts Press, 1996)
Douglas Dunn (editor) TWO DECADES OF IRISH WRITING: A Critical Survey (Carcanet, 1975)
John Goodby IRISH POETRY SINCE 1950 (Manchester University Press, 2000)
Robert Greacen ROOTED IN ULSTER: Nine Northern Writers (Lagan Press, 2000)
Eamon Grennan FACING THE MUSIC: Irish Poetry in the Twentieth Century (Creighton University Press, 1999)
Patricia Boyle Haberstroh (editor) MY SELF, MY MUSE: Irish Women Poets Reflect on Life and Art (Syracuse University Press, 2001)
Maurice Harmon and Roger McHugh A SHORT HISTORY OF ANGLO-IRISH LITERATURE (Wolfhound Press, 1982)
Seamus Heaney FINDERS KEEPERS: Selected Prose (Faber, 2002)
THE PLACE OF WRITING (Scholars Press, 1989)
Ben Howard THE PRESSED MELODEON: Essays on Modern Irish Writing (Story Line Press, 1996)
Dillon Johnston IRISH POETRY AFTER JOYCE (Syracuse University Press, 1997)
Michael Kenneally (editor) POETRY IN CONTEMPORARY IRISH LITERATURE (Colin Smythe, 1995)
Brendan Kennelly JOURNEY INTO JOY: Selected Prose (Bloodaxe Books, 1994)
Declan Kiberd IRISH CLASSICS (Granta Books, 2000)
Thomas Kinsella THE DUAL TRADITION: An Essay on Poetry and Politics in Ireland (Carcanet, 1995)
Edna Longley POETRY IN THE WARS (Bloodaxe Books, 1986)
THE LIVING STREAM: Literature and Revisionism in Ireland (Bloodaxe Books, 1994)
POETRY AND POSTERITY (Bloodaxe Books, 2000)
Sean Lucy (editor) IRISH POETS IN ENGLISH (Mercier Press, 1973)
Derek Mahon JOURNALISM: Selected Prose (Gallery Press, 1996)
Christina Hunt Mahony CONTEMPORARY IRISH LITERATURE: Transforming Tradition (St. Martin's Press, 1998)
Thomas McCarthy GARDENS OF REMEMBRANCE (New Island Books, 1998)
Peter McDonald MISTAKEN IDENTITIES: Poetry and Northern Ireland (Oxford University Press, 1997)
John Montague THE FIGURE IN THE CAVE (Lilliput Press, 1989)
Paul Muldoon TO IRELAND, I (Oxford University Press, 2000)
Sean O'Brien THE DEREGULATED MUSE: Essays on Contemporary British and Irish Poetry (Bloodaxe Books, 1998)
Dennis O'Driscoll TROUBLED THOUGHTS, MAJESTIC DREAMS: Selected Prose Writings (Gallery Press, 2001)
Michael O'Loughlin AFTER KAVANAGH (Raven Arts Press, 1985)
Seán Ó Tuama REPOSSESSIONS: Selected Essays on the Irish Literary Heritage (Cork University Press, 1995)
Robert Welch (editor) THE OXFORD COMPANION TO IRISH LITERATURE (Oxford University Press, 1996)
Margaret Kelleher & Philip O'Leary (editors) THE CAMBRIDGE HISTORY OF IRISH LITERATURE: 2 Volume Set (Cambridge University Press, 2006)

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