RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are a simple and effective way of keeping up-to-date with your favourite websites. Instead of having to visit individual sites to see if new content has been added, you can use RSS feeds to tell you when pages you are interested in have been updated.

How do I use RSS?

To read an RSS feed, you will need to obtain an RSS aggregator which allows you to collect and display feeds from your favourite websites in a single location on your computer.

How do I setup my aggregator to receive Poetry Ireland RSS feeds?

Setting up a feed is different from one aggregator to another. Usually it involves copying the address (URL) of the feed - which you can get from the address bar on your browser - and pasting it into a box which will be clearly signed-posted when you run the aggregator. Please consult your aggregator's help documentation for clarification.

What RSS feeds are available on the Poetry Ireland site?

Terms, Conditions and Privacy?

The feeds are provided free of charge for use by individuals and non-profit organizations for personal, non-commercial use. Poetry Ireland Privacy Policy can be read here.

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